Prehistoric Fury is an upcoming MMO Battle Arena where you’ll fight for dominance on a plethora of maps with prehistoric beasts from the Mesozoic era and later creatures from both the Paleozoic and Cenozoic!

Bistahieversor with skin.


Adapt your creature to change and improve its abilities. Every creature has its own strengths and weakness, evolve yours to be the best match for you and to maximise your performance out on the hunting grounds.

Four dinosuars

Entirely Multiplayer

Prehistoric Fury is a massively multiplayer game. You will be fighting for survival among your herd or pack against other factions. The size of your team could vary from anywhere from just a couple to more than 30, depending on the game mode.

Trex walking

Game Modes

When you enter a game in Prehistoric Fury you can be thrown into a range of situations, whether that be just be a simple case of defending your feeding grounds from an advancing enemy pack or other modes requiring quick thinking and team work. More details on game modes will be revealed soon.

More Creatures

Players will be able to research creatures from playing in matches, working their way up to some of the most powerful creatures to ever exist. Throughout development and after release new creatures will be periodically added, adding an extra dynamic to the game with each release.

This only just touches on what Prehistoric Fury will offer! Keep an eye on our blog posts to see whats happening with development.