Hello everyone! Welcome to the newest development update for Prehistoric Fury. There is quite a bit to look forward to in this dev-blog. Firstly, feel free to watch our dev-blog video, attached below!

Tianyulong Skin

Tianyulong recently got a new skin, which now adds the tally of skins for this dinosaur to 2 out of 6. This is the ‘Orca’ skin, which was designed by Plokute and made possible by Bill Nguyen.

More skins will come for the dinosaur in the future, however, there is a problem. To change the pattern on the fuzz of the dinosaur to different colours and patterns, we will need to change the UV and export it separate from the model, this is something we aim to look into in the future.

Below is the ‘Orca’ skin.

Additionally Bill has made some small changes to the base skin for the dinosaur, this made the base skin more vibrant compared to before.

Minotaurasaurus Skins

Minotaurasaurus also got a number of new skins added to it over the course of the last month, with 4 new skins added overall, tallying up the dinosaurs total skins to 6 out of 6, completing the skins for this dinosaur for now. These were all conceptualised by the community, which you can also take part in by finding the skin templates in the ‘design’ channel on our discord.

The first skin was ‘Copper Mesa’ which was conceptualised by Ankylopea and brought to life by Bill Nguyen.

‘Red Stripe’ was conceptualised by NightmareSpine and brought to life by ChunkoHunko.

‘Bronze Bull’ was conceptualised by Gothic-Lycan and brought to life by ChunkoHunko.

Finally, there is the ‘Tundra Walker’ skin which was conceptualised by Mangobolo and brought to life by ChunkoHunko.

Thank you to everyone who has conceptualised skins for the dinosaurs so far for the game, it allows us to bring to life and implement the skins that you, the community, designed. Additionally a big thank you to Bill Nguyen and ChunkoHunko for bringing these skins from concept to model!

Sukityrannus Animations & Sounds

Suskityrannus has received a complete set of animations, as well as an additional handful of sounds to go alongside the animations. The animations were created by “SadEch” and the sounds have been done by Shane Armstrong. Both have done fantastic work with them!

Animations completed:
– Attacks (Including Bite attacks and Claw Attacks)
– Walking
– Running
– Idle
– Death and Hit reactions
– Swimming
– Call & Emote animations
– Jumping loop
– Crouch

As for the sounds, so far we have:
– Idle Sounds
– Call & Emotes
– Death Sounds
– Hit reaction sounds

Currently the attack sounds are still in development.

Teratophoneus In Game

Since the last development update, we have worked on implementing Teratophoneus into our test client, to get it playable in some form in game. There is a lot of work to be done to the dinosaur to essentially polish it off in game, but it does work. This also includes the sounds for the “Tyrant King” ability, which was created by “Total_Arson”.

Development: UI

There’s potentially a lot to talk about in respects to UI, with the lobby and progression system as discussed later on, however we’ll save those aspects for when we are ready to showcase them. Today we’ll stick to match related UI changes.

The mini-map system has long been discussed in development meetings and has recently been completed in our test client. In multiplayer games mini-maps give players better situational awareness and help individual players understand what their team is doing. In our current implementation players can see the positions of spotted players, the classification of creature (herbivore, carnivore etc) and gameplay objectives such as capture zones.

gameplay image from test client with minimap
Mini-map implemented in test client (UI design due to be improved)

Development: Victory Conditions

Victory indicator overlay in test client

Matches in Prehistoric Fury use a modular gamemode system. This enables us to easily create more variety in the game with new and differing gameplay objectives. A gamemode is effectively built of any number of objectives, completing certain objectives will then result in a victory for that team.

While work is ongoing to move game mechanics into our production game client, our test client which serves as a testbed for experimental and new gameplay features has a number of working objective implementations. Objectives for eliminating the enemy team and holding capture zones being examples that have successfully gone through testing.

Lobby & Progression system server endpoints

As a massive multiplayer online style game, the implementation of all our progression mechanics requires extensive work on both the game client and the server side. This is now fully functioning in our production game client and is ready to go through internal testing prior to closed public testing.

Further work is continuing on the graphic design and user experience of the progression system.

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