It’s been a while since the latest Prehistoric Fury development update. This is something we owe an explanation for. Both the lead developers of the game (Velocci & Wapted) are currently full-time university students in their final years of university, and so, as a result, things will slow down, as university and graduating come first. However, development has continued, and we have a lot to share with you for this development update.

Dinosaur News


Sinankylosaurus will be the Tier 8 in the Asian Research Trees Heavy Herbivore progression line, the dinosaur is standard among the line, however, it will be a key point in the progression of the line.

This will be a dinosaur that will come to the game when we expand into Tier 6 to 10, once key testing of the game which utilizes tiers 1-5 will be completed.

Below is a piece of concept art created by ‘Rigormortis’, who will be created further concepts for the other Ankylosaurs in this research line.

We are excited to reveal more information about ‘Sinankylosaurus’ in the future.

Concept art created by Rigormortis.


Tatisaurus oehleri boldly advances into the Tier 3 spot for the Asian Heavy Herbivore research line. This small, light herbivore will be more like an armoured brawler at Tier 3. With armour that allows the dinosaur to tank hits from rivals in its tier group and the ability to run on its hind legs to escape combat when the situation proves too much for the little guy.

Tatisaurus is a key dinosaur in this research line, not because it branches into Tianchisaurus, but because it advances into both the Ankylosaur research line and the Stegosaur research line.

Tatisaurus is actually a very dubious and fragmentary dinosaur. Which begs the question, why Tatisaurus?
Tatisaurus proves a good choice for us because it serves a spot in the research tree where it was ideal to have a Thyrophoran rather than an Ankylosaur or Stegosaur. We needed something that was more basal, and Tatisaurus provided that.

Tatisaurus render by Bill Nguyen.

Tatisaurus currently has two skins, Watermelon by Bill Nguyen and Badger by SadEch.

In addition to this Tatisaurus has two model variants, its base variant is lightly armoured, which allows it to run at fast speeds, this is the base variant Tatisaurus, however, if you upgrade its health stats to allow for more health in a trade-off for lower speeds (effectively allowing Tatisaurus to be more in tune with its research line) you will acquire the more heavily armoured model variant.


Minotaurasaurus is the first proper heavyweight Ankylosaur in this research line. With an impressive set of armour and a club capable of smashing through bone, this is a terrifying force at Tier 5.

Minotaurasaurus will be a tough nut to crack in this tier grouping, however, it is incredibly slow. Without adequate support for this lumbering tank it can face serious threats from groups of faster foes.

But be careful, because this is no Tianchisaurus, this is its bigger, scarier, bonier, bigger cousin, who quite frankly is fed up with all your tomfoolery.

Minotaurasaurus by Bill Nguyen.

Minotaurasaurus has two different attack variations, which make this dinosaur a formidable opponent to its foes. Firstly it utilises an axe-shaped club to deal fast attacks with decent damage, these attacks have a normal chance to inflict bleed.
The second attack comes from its second club variant, a crushing attack, which deals huge amounts of damage but is balanced out by an additionally big cooldown timer.

Currently, Minotaurasaurus has two skins, the standard Anubis skin and the refreshing Minty skin.


Advancing your dinosaur is the key way to progress in the game, progression through the dinosaur research trees is a layered system, with 2 layers. The main research tree has all dinosaurs, the unique dinosaur research lines where you advance your dinosaurs in order to unlock the next dinosaur via research points (and the inevitable purchase of the dinosaur via in-game currency earnt through fights).

Each dinosaur will have a range of different Advancements to progress through, each advancement may have up to 3 mutations that you can pick from to research as well, allowing you to tailor the dinosaur further to your playstyle.

The Advancements and what they change:
Attack: Attack is an advancement that actually changes depending on what dinosaur the advancement is under. Currently, most of the advancements that are attacks are under the Jaw category.
These are advancements that focus on altering the dinosaur’s damage output as well as the cooldown and other factors of the attack.
For example, Teratophoneus has a primary advancement for its teeth, which allows for an increase in either raw damage or a decrease in attack cooldown.

Senses: Sense is a universal advancement that focuses on increasing the View range and the Hearing range of a dinosaur. The view range is how far the dinosaur can spot an enemy in its cone of vision that is not concealed or behind an object. Hearing is a sort of proxy spotting distance, if an enemy enters the range of hearing for the dinosaur it is automatically spotted.
A spotted dinosaur shows up to the whole team which makes early scouts important, as you can spot the enemy team’s movement and discover what you are fighting against.

Skeletal System: Skeletal System mutations and advancements can affect a wide range of stats on your dinosaur, however, this primarily falls under your dinosaur’s health and health regeneration. However, there are additional mutations that can affect the dinosaur’s stamina and speed.
For example, Suskityrannus currently has two advancements that involve the Skeletal System, these are Skeletal Resistance (Primary Advancement) and Skeletal Weight (Secondary Advancement).
Skeletal Resistance affects the health of the dinosaur and the health regeneration, you can either mutate to a light skeleton which provides a faster regeneration rate or a heavy skeleton which has higher health for a slower regeneration rate.
Skeletal Weight is a secondary mutation that further increases the health of the dinosaur, however, this also affects the stamina of the dinosaur. Higher health means less stamina this time, however, lower health means more stamina. Allowing you to tune the dinosaur for hit and run or brawling.

Muscular System: The Muscular System is similar to the Skeletal System, in fact, sometimes these can work in tangent with one another. The muscular system mainly focuses on the top speed, stamina, stamina increase rate and stamina decrease rate of a dinosaur.

Skin: The Skin of a dinosaur is something that will be focusing on the bleed chance of a dinosaur as well as the concealment of a dinosaur, and can, in theory, work alongside the Muscular System and Skeletal System, as well as being a counter to the senses of enemy dinosaurs.

Mutations are unlocked by spending the DNA and RNA that you earn through battles within Prehistoric Fury, they are then bought with the Amber that you collect from battles as well.

Through the Advancement tree of a dinosaur, you are able to research the next dinosaurs in the research line.

Below are various advancement paths of the first 5 dinosaurs in the North American research line: Daemonosaurus, Tawa, Stokesosaurus, Suskityrannus and Teratophoneus. Please note that these are subject to change in the future.

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