Hello everyone, welcome back to another Prehistoric Fury development update post!

Special first listen to the Sounds for Tawa and Stokesosaurus in the Devblog video below!


Firstly we have the biggest news in the dev blog so far!
You all will know our current logo, an old logo which Wapted crafted during the launch of the project into the public space, however, as time went on we realized the logo was rather dated and so we have decided to remake it!
The brand new Prehistoric Fury logo was created by Shyrahja who has done a fantastic job at creating various unique designs for the branding of the game, working with us to create something that is memorable and instantly recognizable!

Text Logo for Prehistoric Fury made by Shyrahja

Now the text-based logo is a lot clearer and overall cleaner, easier to read overall, compared to the old one which was a lot rougher and overall harder to read.

Game logo by Shyrahja.

We also now have a unique game logo that was created by Shyrahja. This is meant to serve as a unique standalone that can easily fit on the Website and in any other branding where the logo cannot fit. Replacing the old “F” style logo.

Full Game logo.

A huge thank you to Shyrahja who brought our ideas to life, and done a fantastic job doing it!

Dinosaur News


Tawa has been given special treatment lately! Being the first dinosaur within our roster of dinosaurs to receive some sounds!
These sounds were a part of commissions and were created by Owen Slaughter!
These sounds include:
– Bite Attack Sounds
– Idle Sounds
– Claw Attack Sounds
– Roar
– Help Call
– Hit Reaction
– Death Sound

In the future each dinosaur will get different calls for them, the initial base that we aim for regarding calls will include: Attack Sounds, Reaction Sounds, and the Calls. This of course will be expanded in the future!
We have included a sneak glimpse of the sounds in the development update video that goes alongside this dev-blog, so be sure to watch that to get a glimpse of the sounds!
They will be shown off more in the future once they have the animations properly assigned to them!


Stokesosaurus was the main focus this month, with numerous brand new animations for this creature as well as the completion of the dinosaur’s 3 final skins and final model variant!

Firstly, let’s talk about the new skins for this dinosaur, finally completing the 6 base skins the dinosaur gets!

The 3 new skins include; vibrant green skin, melanistic skin, and vibrant neon-styled skin!

In addition to this Stokesosaurus also got a new model variant, this is a slimmer-built version of the dinosaur, without lips and with spikes running down its back.

Remember, variants are unlocked as you progress and equip specific mutations to your dinosaur, this variant of Stokesosaurus is unlocked when you acquire more speed-related mutations.

New Variant is showcased with neon skin.
Compared to the standard variant.

Stokesosaurus has also completed all of its animations (excluding those for emotes and sounds).

These animations include:
– Bite Attacks
– Claw Attacks
– Walking
– Running
– Idle
– Death
– Hit Reaction
(Note the swimming and call animations are incomplete)

All animations are showcased in the videos below:

Death animation.
Walking animation.
Hit reaction animation.
Claw attack 1.
Running animation.


Regarding Tianyulong, it has had a small update to its model, Bill has improved the dinosaurs transfer weight paint data, this is something new that Bill had discovered and decided to try on the model as it works great for creature models with feathers like Tianyulong!

This improves the dinosaur’s feathers weight paint and will make it look much better when posed and animated!



Wapted has been hard at work adding to the Poseidon map and bringing more additions to the development of the map. This is showcased in a brand new teaser video that showcases most of this development update.

However, we also have a plethora of new screenshots regarding the map to showcase to you. The main additions are new cliff faces and the addition of more vegetation on the map.

However, we have come into a small problem regarding the engine that we are using to develop the game on, Unity. The Unity engine compared to the Unreal engine sometimes provides some performance issues, especially when it comes to the graphics of the game.
As we want to create a well-made project for all devices we have to iron out these problems.

Showcase of the new cliff faces in Poseidon.
Poseidon at night. A potential alternative setting for the battles.
Mist on Poseidon.
Dusk on Poseidon.
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