Hello everyone! Today’s development update is jam-packed with information for you all, with a whole bunch of new information regarding the development of Prehistoric Fury!

Check out the youtube video here:

Discord Updates

We recently moved to post more frequent updates on the games Discord server, this coincides with the new meeting schedule between Velocci and Wapted which ensures that progress is being made on a weekly basis, ensuring that we are kept up to speed with the games progress towards our goals.

These new discord updates also coincide with our new public roadmap, which is aimed to showcase what we are currently working towards as we ramp up development towards our goal of early alpha.

Discord updates will be weekly and aim to go through everything that we have completed within that week, mainly focusing on ticking off items on the public Trello roadmap.

Public Roadmap

As stated in the previous section, we now have a public roadmap. This is still a work in progress and more is due to be added to it in due time, however, our aim is to be able to showcase what our current aims are and what we are mainly focusing on at this moment.

Of course, the roadmap is rather brief, but its main purpose is to be able to show you what we are currently working on and working towards, tying in heavily to the discord updates that we will be posting weekly.

Dinosaur News

We got a few things to share for dinosaur news today. One of which isn’t even a dinosaur, however, it is playable so it counts.

Firstly, we have three animations for Stokesosaurus which were made by ScorchingKami, this is part of a bundle of animations for the Stokesosaurus that are currently in the works.

Bite attack 1.
Bite attack 2.
Stokesosaurus idle.

We are due to be getting more animations for the Stokesosaurus which will be showcased in the next development update for the game as well as subsequent small development updates on the discord.

New Creature Dongusuchus

Dongusuchus is the first non-dinosaur creature to come to Prehistoric Fury. This small critter from the banks of the Donguz River in Russia is the first Aphanosaurid to enter the roster for Prehistoric fury and is a very interesting creature at that.

Firstly, this little guy looks like a dragon, perfect for it is tier 1 in the Asian research tree, and is going to be a very interesting critter to have in the game.

The creature so far has two different skins, the first one was made by Bill Nguyen (who made the model for us), and the second skin was made by Fat Ech.

The creature has two variants, one of which has a row of spikes running down its back, as well as having smoother horns above its eyes, the other variant has no spikes but has slightly more pronounced horns above its eyes.

Dongusuchus without adaptationsdongussuchus with adaptations

dongusuchus head


UI Artwork

Over the last 2 months, we have made numerous strides towards the development of the UI for the game. Working with Shyrahja to create some incredible UI for the whole game, something that is still in its early phases of development and so we cannot showcase it yet. However, this will give an entirely new feel to the game, something that will help give the game more flavor.

In regards to other UI developments, we have also commissioned FatEch for class icons. Class icons are the icons that will be used to identify the 7 main classes in the game:
Light Carnivore, Light Herbivore, Medium Carnivore, Medium Herbivore, Heavy Carnivore, Heavy Herbivore, and Super Heavy Herbivore.

Classes in Prehistoric Fury act as groupings for dinosaurs in the game, for example, Light Carnivores are aggressive scouts, whereas Light Herbivores are more passive scouts. Classes mainly then split into specific dinosaur types, however, they all will share similar traits whether that is: Weight, Speed, Health, Damage, and more.

Carnivore Icons

Herbivore Icons


We have spoke about music before in past development updates, however, today marks the day that we get to showcase the main theme of the game.

The music for the game has been composed and produced by Jordan Rees, an extremely talented musician who decided to give us a helping hand in making the game come to life.
Teaming up with Aeralie Brighton (well known for the music in Ori and the Blind Forest), Jordan Rees has created the title track for Prehistoric Fury.

You can take an initial listen here. We have plans to properly showcase this awesome theme in the coming months.

Water interactivity

A small non-game play feature, but a nice touch to have non the less. Water interaction has been added, so creatures walking or swimming through the ocean of Poseidon will create splashes and waves.

Custom Lobby Mode

An option for the community to run their own training games in a private server, simply by creating a lobby. While no progression can take place when playing in these rooms, its provides a great way to test out your new adaptations before moving into live games. Players can specify the map, game mode and teams.

The custom lobby mode is also vital for testing and development and will be used extensively during testing phases.


Further map work has been made on Poseidon since the last development update for the game.
With the completion of the outer islands of the map (which provide an additional flanking attack route) coming to a close, we have switched our focus back to the terrain on the map and the main islands themselves.

Adding tessalation to the ground textures on the map which makes them stand out more, as well as adding further features to the overall Poseidon Map, with cliffs, arches and improved attack routes.