Tianyulong confuciusi is a heterodontid dinosaur from the Jianchang County of the Western Liaoning Province in China. A dinosaur that is from the early Jurassic Era, in a family of dinosaurs that are characterized by their weird skulls with their characteristically large front teeth.

This dinosaur is a very small dinosaur, only being around 0.5 meters tall at the max, meaning that Tianyulong, as well as pretty much all heterodontid dinosaurs, was a very small creature.

Tianyulong model with it’s default skin.


Being the tier 2 in the current Asian Herbivore line, Tianyulong will serve as a key point in the tech tree in the future of the game, as more lines will eventually branch from this animal which will allow you to research other dinosaurs.
For now, however, the dinosaur will provide you a research path to the Asian Heavy Herbivore line, which includes dinosaurs like Gobisaurus and Tianchisaurus. Tianyulong will research the tier 3 dinosaur in the line Tatisaurus.

Regardless of this, when it comes to the gameplay of this animal, it is something that is standard for low-tier gameplay. Tianyulong is a very fast dinosaur but it suffers from low damage per bite, which should mean its overall damage output will be low. However, Tianyulong has an ace, and that is its quick cooldown time in between attacks, this would allow you to seemingly deal slightly more damage per minute than you would normally do with this dinosaur. Making this dinosaur a strong scout and hit-and-run dinosaur.

Tianyulongs major failing however will be its low overall health, making it an easy target to anything higher in tier than this dinosaur, so use your attacks wisely, don’t just charge in and attack enemies with this dinosaur, wait until they are distracted, run in and bite them.

Primitive Fuzz demo for Tianyulong.
Tianyulong turntable.
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