Tianchisaurus nedegoapeferima is a small and early member of Ankylosauria, the clade of dinosaurs most notable for their armoured backs and bony clubs on the end of their tail.
Tianchisaurus was from the middle Jurassic period, which would make it one of the earliest known Ankylosaurs as well as making it one of the most unknown Ankylosaurs in the games roster.

The dinosaur is small, being around 4 meters long and about 1 meter tall, relatively similar in size to the current tier 3 dinosaur in the North American Heavy Carnivore line, Stokesosaurus clevelandi which is around 3 to 4 meters long and 1 meter tall.
Tianchisaurus is from the Toutunhe Formation of China, and unlike most ankylosaurids the dinosaur lacked a bony club at the tip of its tail.


Being the tier 4 in the Asian heavy herbivore line, Tianchisaurus is the dinosaur you will play as before Minotaurasaurus, the tier 5 in this specific research tree.

Regardless of Tianchisaurus being a medium herbivore, it still packs a punch. Being a slow, lumbering beast, Tianchisaurus will be able to dish out a fair bit of damage to its opponents and will be the first dinosaur in the line that will have an increased chance to break its opponent’s bones during combat.