Hello everyone! Today we have another Development update for Prehistoric Fury, the second update of the year so far!

As per usual you can see this in video form here, but be sure to check this post as it has images not found there!

Of course, we have a lot to talk about in this development update, however, this will be one of the first development updates that will not feature a brand new dinosaur. However, next development update we will be revealing a new creature for the Asian tech tree, that is from the Triassic and isn’t a dinosaur, something to be excited for!

Tianchisaurus skin showcase

As of last development update we revealed two new dinosaurs, Tianchisaurus at tier 4 and Tianyulong at tier 2. Each of these new dinosaurs only had 1 skin at the time we revealed them.

However, thanks to the amazing work by Bill Nguyen, our dinosaur modeler, we were able to provide the final 5 skins for Tianchisaurus.

As always we wanted to have 3 duller skins and 3 vibrant skins, which have been provided through the skins that Bill had made for us.

In the image above you can also see some of the different subtle variations that the Tianchisaurus model gets as you progress through and unlock different mutations for the dinosaur.

3 skins will be available through the dinosaur advancement and mutation tree and the other 3 will be available through the completion of in game missions, which will provide various rewards upon completion.

Skins shown from left to right:
Row 1:
Tianchi skin
Ashfire skin
Rust skin
Row 2:
Watermelon skin
Tinted skin
Blue Lagoon skin

Tawa Animations

In devblog 11 we showcased animations for Tawa hallae, the tier 2 in the North American dinosaur research tree, and will be one of the 5 dinosaurs available in the early pre-alpha testing phases of the game.
When we revealed the initial Tawa animations we were still awaiting the completion of some extra animations, which we have now received.
These two new animations are:
Hit Reaction

Map Development

Poseidon has been worked more recently. Having re-sculpt the island with further gameplay aspects in mind, we began populating the islands with vegetation and other details. This is still an on-going progress.

In these map developments, we have fully completed the layout for the small version of Poseidon (designed to be better suited to lower tier creatures). Below you can see one of the passages for the map (This is an early stage development image – but highlights the passages quite well).

An image looking down on Poseidon in development
Early stages of map sculping

Here is an early sketch of what the consolidated version of Poseidon will look like, providing lots of different battle opportunities for your dinosaurs.

Basic early sketch of map layout concepts

Of course, however, you will probably want to have a look at some of the screenshots of the terrain, as the main outline of the island was completed and we also set to work on developing the north/eastern side of the island, where spawn 2 is located.

The slopes above the north eastern cave on the island.
Tyrannosaurus looking around the more open areas of the forest.
A look over the dense canopy of the island.
North Island Cave
One of the cave entrances near the second spawn location / base 2.
North Beach

Development Test

Testing on Poseidon

Recently we ran some testing of the gameplay in Prehistoric Fury, loading into matches, and of course, all the animations, as well as combat were tested.

As these were mainly focused on the initial combat and animation focus, we can take from these tests:
– Loading into the battle works well, however, a countdown timer needs to be implemented.
– Dinosaur animations have been implemented, they are working great, however they still need some slight adjustments to the animation speed and some changes to ensure they are perfectly synchronised.
– Teams can fight each other, however, these are the core foundation that we needed and further work is still required.
– Once a player dies they only able to spectate (this is intended, especially in some of the game modes that do not have respawns).

The development test took place before the main map developments took place (especially before the photos above took place), so bear in mind that a lot has changed since these screenshots were taken.

The images shown below are very early WIP development images (Further work has since been done as seen above!)

Cave screenshot 1.
Cave screenshot 2.
Badly hurt team mate.
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