Hello everyone! We are back with the first development update of the new year! We hope you are having a great start to 2021 and of course have big plans for the year! Today, we will be sharing a whole bunch of new updates with you!

Dinosaur News

Firstly, let’s just dive into the big news for this development update, the dinosaur news. Today we are revealing a new creature for the roster of the Asian heavy herbivore line and of course telling you more about one that was revealed over Christmas, Tianchisaurus. Two new herbivores join the roster of the game, at tier 2 and tier 4 respectively.


Coming in at tier 4 we have Tianchisaurus, one of the earliest known and one of the most unknown ankylosaurs currently known. Tianchisaurus was from the middle Jurassic of the Toutunhe formation in China. Tianchisaurus will be a Medium herbivore in the game, the dinosaur after, Minotaurasaurus will be the first heavy herbivore in the line.

Regardless of Tianchisaurus being a medium herbivore, it still packs a punch. Being a slow, lumbering beast, Tianchisaurus will be able to dish out a fair bit of damage to its opponents and will be the first dinosaur in the line that will have an increased chance to break its opponent’s bones during combat.

Currently Tianchisaurus has one skin, which would be the standard skin for the dinosaur.


Coming in at tier 2 we have Tianyulong, the brand new dinosaur to be introduced to the game, and probably the first herbivorous dinosaur you will be playing as inside of Prehistoric Fury. Tianyulong is a light herbivore and you will be able to use this dinosaur as a stepping stone into a variety of herbivore research lines within the Asian dinosaur research tree. These include: Heavy herbivore lines and medium herbivore lines, each of them will provide unique dinosaurs and unique gameplay experiences.

Tianyulong is a fast dinosaur, which suffers from a low damage per bite, but a quick cooldown time inbetween bites, which will allow you to maximise damage out put, specialising with a quick hit and run style of gameplay.

As Tianyulong was discovered with filaments on it, we decided to give it the love it deserves when it comes to fuzz, this is the first dinosaur in the game that has fuzz, and marks a large milestone for the game.

Tianyulong model.
An in-engine demo of the Tianyulong

Tawa Animations

After Daemonosaurus got its animations, we decided to move over to the tier 2 in the North American heavy carnivore line, Tawa hallae. This dinosaur has had a whole bunch of animations created for it by Scorching Kami, someone who will be making future animations for the dinosaurs in the game.

The YouTube videos below show some of the attack animations and the walking and running animations, there are some other animations that will be showcased in the future, including Swimming, Idle and Death animations.

Gobisaurus skin contest winner

Over Christmas we revealed who won the Gobisaurus skin contest, however, not everyone would have seen it.

The winner of the skin contest was FatEch with their “Splatter skin. An incredible skin for the Gobisaurus, which we’re sure will be a fan favourite for everyone!

Gorgosaurus updates

Gorgosaurus recieved some small TLC from Bill since the latest development update from November. The dinosaur recieved some slight changes to its proportions as well as updates to two of the skins that are on the dinosaur.

Map News

Poseidon Variation

Poseidon is the first map that will be playable within Prehistoric Fury, it is a island map which will feature 3 main islands, as well as 3 smaller islands. However, when playing the map with the smaller, lower tier dinosaurs, we realised that it would take a lot of time for the dinosaurs to actually get to the main battle areas in the map.

So we decided to create a second variation of the map, a smaller variation of the map, which will be playable in the lower tiers in the game. This variation will be playable when the Alpha testing begins, as we will be only using lower tiers during the Alpha testing phase.

Sketch example of the maps layout.

Work in progress screenshots from the map:

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