Stokesosaurus clevelandi is a small Tyrannosauroid from the Late Jurassic of Utah.

The dinosaur is a small dinosaur, only being around 3 to 4 meters in length and being just around 1 meter tall. The dinosaur was described in 1974 and is classified within the superfamily of Tyrannosauroidea alongside the likes of Juratyrant, a tyrannosauroid from the Late Jurassic of England.


Being the tier 3 in the North American heavy carnivore line, Stokesosaurus is the dinosaur you’ll play as before Suskityrannus, the tier 4 in the line.
The dinosaur is the first medium carnivore in the line, and so it will be a relatively light and agile theropod, blending gameplay styles from Suskityrannus and Tawa.

At tier 3 the dinosaur is a decent animal, it’s fast, has good damage per bite, and has the ability to utilize its claws when attacking, as a secondary attack.

However, it does have problems. The dinosaur is prone to having its bones broken easily, it’s high damage per bite comes with a trade-off with high cool down time.


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