Happy holidays, everyone!
2020 has been an odd year for us all. However, one thing stayed true and grew this year, Prehistoric Fury. Looking back on the year, our small team has managed to get quite a bit done! But, this wouldn’t have happened without your continued support for the game.

To thank you we have two gifts in this small Christmas post, as well as some more news which will be shared in a later development update!

Firstly, the discord skin contest has finished and the winner is FatEch with their “Splatter” skin. An incredible skin for our Gobisaurus which has been brought to life by Bill who has put it on the dinosaur.

To add to this, today we are welcoming a new dinosaur to the roster!
This year we finished the North American heavy carnivore line, and now begin to work on new dinosaurs for the Asian heavy herbivore line, which sees Gobisaurus at tier 9.

Please welcome Tianchisaurus nedegoapeferima the tier 4 in the Asian research trees heavy herbivore line!

More information about Tianchisaurus will be released in the games next development update.

Other than that, we all hope you have a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

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