Hello everyone! The time for a development update has come once again, and in this development update we have got some things to share with you!

Development update video.

Skin Contest

Firstly, however, we are currently hosting a skin contest for the games Gobisaurus. As it currently is one skin down compared to the other dinosaurs in the game we thought we would give you the opportunity to design a skin for the dinosaur.
The contest ends on December 15th and all skins will be voted on by everyone in the discord server, the one with the most votes will be implemented into the game!

Skin Template which you can use as a base.

All designs must be submitted in the #design channel in our public discord server.

Dinosaur News

What is a development update without the introduction of new dinosaurs? Well this development update regards the final additions for the North American Heavy Carnivore lines research branch. Two new Therapod dinosaurs come to the game at tier 3 and 6!

Now we will be focusing on the next line for the game, the Heavy Herbivore line for the Asian tech tree, however, we do have something which we plan on teasing soon before new dinosaurs are announced for that line.


Coming in at tier 3 we have Stokesosaurus, a small Tyrannosauroid dinosaur from the late Jurassic of Utah. This dinosaur is an early ancestor of what would become Tyrannosaurus in the late Cretaceous.

In-game the dinosaur will be classed as a Light Carnivore, this is a dinosaur that will be relatively fast, but as it is a tier 3, it won’t be fast if it were to be compared to a high tier Light Carnivore or Herbivore.

The dinosaur currently has 3 skins and will be getting another 3 skins later down the line.


The final dinosaur to be announced for the North American Heavy Carnivore line is Nanuqsaurus, the tyrannosaurus of the Artic, the Polar Tyrant.

This dinosaur will be the first Heavy Carnivore to the core, with it taking all the characteristics that will be common in the later tiers, compared to Teratophoneus, Nanuqsaurus would be slower but have a higher damage per bite. Unlike Teratophoneus which is a heavy-medium hybrid in terms of gameplay, Nanuqsaurus will be a pure Heavy Carnivore.

Like Stokesosaurus, Nanuqsaurus currently has 3 skins and is awaiting 3 extra skins that will come at a later date.


Nanuqsaurus and Stokesosaurus are two theropod dinosaurs that are speculated to have some sort of fuzz, after all almost all artwork which depicts Nanuqsaurus has some fuzz covering the dinosaur.

Currently unlike Unreal, Unity does not have it’s own inbuilt fur shader, something that is incredibly handy for implementing any fur to the dinosaurs in the game. As we will most likely have to write our own fur shader for the implementation of fuzz on some of our dinosaurs we felt it was best to focus on the core game before any dinosaurs get feathers or fuzz.

It will happen eventually, just not currently.


Last development update we showcased two animations for Daemonosaurus, and today we have some other animations to showcase for Daemonosaurus.

Firstly we have an Idle animation which will be used for Daemonosaurus, something that will be used especially in the Nesting site.

Secondly we also have an attack animation for Daemonosaurus, this will primarily be used when biting your opponent.

Idle Animation.
Attack animation.


We are extremely proud to announce some brand new music for the game, in fact this is the first music we have properly announced for Prehistoric Fury.

Created by non other than Jordan Rees, an incredibly talented musician who we are incredibly happy to have working on the games music.

So far we have shown a snippet of the one of the loading themes, which of course will build up your anticipation when loading into a battle!
You’ll be able to listen to it in its full final form in coming weeks.

Technical Developments

Finally, a few notes on the technical side of development. Work has been continuing on game-play elements – with us running an internal developer test in the previous week we found a number of areas we could improve the experience in.

When it comes to graphics, we often mention, its game-play over looks. However, the atmosphere the game does have a significant impact your experience and hence we have been working hard to improve this, with some exciting changes to our Poseidon map. We’ll be revealing more on this in a separate article!

Old forest tree

An example of the vegetation we have been working on – to be part of the Poseidon environment.

Thank you for taking the time to see what we are up to! Let us know what you think on our Discord server.

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