Teratophoneus curriei is a medium sized tyrannosauroid theropod dinosaur that lived in Utah, in the late Cretaceous period.
The dinosaur was described in 2011and was classified within Tyrannosaurinae alongside the likes of Daspletosaurus and Bistahieversor in 2013.
However, in 2020 when the large tyrannosaur, Thanatotheristes was described, Teratophoneus was placed in a clade with the likes of Dynamoterror and Lythronax.

What is interesting about this tyrannosaur is its short skull. When comparing the skull to other short skulled tyrannosaurs, namely Gorgosaurus and Albertosaurus, Teratophoneus’ skull was 23% shorter than those dinosaurs. This would indicate that Teratophoneus had a larger biteforce compared to those two dinosaurs.


Coming in at tier 5, Teratophoneus will be the first proper Tyrannosaurine that you will come across in the North American heavy carnivore research line. The dinosaur is also the first dinosaur in the line to be classed as a Heavy Carnivore, however, it’s gameplay is more hybridised.

Researchable from the small Suskityrannus, a dinosaur that is in the “Medium Carnivore” class at Tier IV, it is only right that Teratophoneus’ stats mix well with what it came from and what it is leading onto.

This dinosaur leans more has a “Heavy Medium”, a carnivore that will fit a gameplay style that blends the increased bite damage and health that heavy carnivores enjoy, with the speed and agility that the medium carnivores enjoy.

However, this does come with downsides:
– The dinosaur is more likely to have its bones broken compared to any other carnivore in the line.
– Although the dinosaur has a high damage per bite, the cooldown after a bite is relatively long, even after mutations that help to decrease the cooldown. Unless you scrap the high damage output all together and switch it with a very low damage output.
– Like the increase in bones breaking, the dinosaur also suffers from a high chance of it bleeding.

Gameplay wise, Teratophoneus would suit a hit and run gameplay style, dishing out a high damage per bite and simply running away while the cooldown is in place.
This style would be more effective in a pack with other Teratophoneus’.

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