Hello everyone!

It’s been a couple months since we last updated you with the games development but we have been working hard on numerous different aspects of the game, and as per usual we also have a new dinosaur to show you.

Development Progress

In regards to the development of the game, we have quite a bit that we have been working on over the last two months, with new dinosaurs and some additions to previous dinosaurs. We also have been putting a lot of time into the development of a map.

Map News

Over the last few months we have been experimenting with the map creation process that Unity provides us, and the tools that we need to create the maps to our best ability.

We have discussed and designed 3 initial map ideas:
– A Small Tropical Island.
– A Desert.
– A Lush forest.

We decided since the first dinosaurs available to play are the smaller, lower tier dinosaurs, those that are in tiers 1-4. We will create the small tropical island map as our first map in Prehistoric Fury, the map in which the first “clashes of titans” will take place.
The map is called Poseidon and is set in the late Cretaceous of Europe, roughly 100mya.
The setting is merely a reference for what plant life you will see on the island rather than animal life as most low tier animals are from the earlier periods like the Triassic or Jurassic.

The initial layout of Poseidon.

The image shown above is the initial layout of the map, which shows a simple top down view of the map.
Firstly it is easy to notice the layout of the map as well as the spawn points of the map (I & II).
-Each team will spawn on the East and West islands at their respected spawn.
– There are two main islands for attack, the slimmer island in the North and the larger Central Island.
– There are smaller islands branching off from the larger islands which are used by passive scouts to help reveal what creatures you are facing on the enemy team.

Of course when we make more complex designs for the map and once we get further into development this initial design will change a lot, in fact it already has changed in some regards, but we feel it’s best to show you what the basic layout of the map is, so you can see the basic idea of the map.

Here is a small glimpse at the map so far, this is obviously a work in progress and shows off only a small portion of the map:

When we are developing the map, we develop it in squared off segments, each area of the map has it’s own square which will be developed one at a time.
They are firstly done in a basic pass over the map and a second or third pass which will add a lot more detail to each segment.

Please note, these images and videos shown are a work in progress.

New Tyrannosaurus Cosmetics

As of last development update we showcased some brand new customization options for our very own tyrant king. This time we also have two more cosmetic variations to show.

This includes a new appearance for the dinosaur and a new colouration for the dinosaur.

The cosmetic makes the dinosaur a lot bulkier in appearance and adds a dewlap to the dinosaurs neck. The appearance will be acquired when you complete a certain amount of missions with Tyrannosaurus rex.

You’ve also probably guessed what the new colouration for the dinosaur is. The new colouration is a more realistic mix of browns and some blacks to create a well camouflaged skin for Tyrannosaurus.

Teratophoneus currieri

Coming in at Tier 5 we see the first proper Tyrannosaurine that you will come across in the North American heavy carnivore research line.

This dinosaur is built a little differently than the heavy carnivores further down with the likes of Tyrannosaurus rex being a heavy brawler, Teratophoneus is quite different with it being suited to a more hit and run or a double teaming tactic when fighting in the worlds of Prehistoric Fury.

Researchable from Suskityrannus Teratophoneus is a mix between a heavy carnivore and a medium carnivore making it an all around fun dinosaur to play at Tier 5.

The dinosaur will feature 3 different cosmetic upgrades:
– Standard head shape, Horns and no lips.
– Slender neck, a more narrow snout with less pronounced horns and no lips.
– Bulkier, larger neck, larger head shape, sideways facing horns and has lips.

The dinosaur will feature 6 different skins. 3 of which will be available through mutating the dinosaur and the other 3 will be available through doing missions in game.


Recently we enlisted the help of DocJay to our development team. He will be helping us develop animations for the dinosaurs in Prehistoric Fury and has recently been hard at work developing some animations for Daemonosaurus, the first dinosaur you are likely to play as in the game.

The animations in question are running and walking animation cycles.

We are planning on implementing idle and attack animations, but once those have been implemented we will move to working on the same animation set for other dinosaurs.

This makes it easier to get the basic animations done for the first 10 dinosaurs before we move onto the others.

Let us know what you think about the animations, your feedback helps us further improve the game!

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