Daemonosaurus chauliodus is a small theropod dinosaur from the Late Triassic of the Chinle Formation in New Mexico.
The dinosaur was formally described in 2011 and was swiftly assigned to Theropoda alongside other early theropod dinosaurs like Eoraptor and Tawa.
Daemonosaurus is one of the earliest dinosaurs, being older than Tawa hallae but not as old as Eoraptor.

Distinct in its looks Daemonosaurus chauliodus has a distinctly short snout that bears large premaxillary and maxillary teeth in the upper jaw of the holotype remains “CM 76821”. The snout shape is unique compared to the longer, narrower snouts of similarly aged dinosaurs: Eoraptor lunensis and Tawa hallae.


As the dinosaur is the tier one dinosaur in the North American tech tree that means that is a rather basic dinosaur in the game.

With it being the introductory dinosaur in Prehistoric Fury it will pretty much be a standard low tier carnivorous dinosaur in its playstyle.
However, the dinosaur will be similar in playstyle to Tawa hallae, with a low damage per bite but high mobility, being the standard among Tier 1 dinosaurs.

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