Hello all! Since our last development update, we have been hard at work with various aspects of the game and are working towards a bare-bones tech demo for you all to play in the near future. But for now, let’s get into the new development update, shall we?

Development progress

So what have we been up to?

Distribution of the game while may sound dull, is actually quite essential! We have made moves to prepare distribution of the game through steam and our own launcher, with an optional sign in using your steam account, social media accounts, or your own prehistoric fury account.

On the game-play side of development, we are still in the progress of integrating some modules and tweaking parameters to get game-play to a state we are happy with. The research system is also now functioning in the client, allowing adaptations to be applied to creatures.

A tiny teaser perhaps…

A New Look

Bill has been hard at work on the creation of a new dinosaur since our last dev-blog, however, he has also been hard at work working on a new look for our very own Tyrannosaurus rex.

This is mainly to provide some extra customization options for the king of the North American heavy carnivore research line, meaning that you will now be able to decide between various different cosmetics for your Tyrannosaurus rex.

The full body of the lipped model.
The full body of the model without lips.

Research line Reworks

When it comes to planning dinosaur research trees for the Prehistoric Fury, it takes a lot of time and consideration, planning which dinosaurs position were in the dinosaur trees. Sometimes we have to make changes in the research tree and this is one such change.

The current Tier 1 in the tech tree, Tawa hallae has been moved up a tier, now making it a Tier 2 in the North American dinosaur research tree.

Tier 1, however, will have a new dinosaur that will replace Tawa, and that is Daemonosaurus chauliodus.

Daemonosaurus chauliodus

With Tawa hallae being moved up to Tier 2 in the North American dinosaur research line we had to find a replacement for Tier 1.

Daemonosaurus is the perfect candidate for the new Tier 1 in the North American dinosaur tree, with it being more primitive than Tawa and being similar in size.

Daemonosaurus will be the dinosaur that introduces you to the North American dinosaur research tree and will be the first dinosaur you will play in the game.

It is a small dinosaur, from the Chinle Formation of the Late Triassic of New Mexico.

The dinosaur will be similar in playstyle to Tawa hallae, with a low damage per bite but high mobility, being the standard among Tier 1 dinosaurs.

The dinosaur has 6 different skins, all of which are unique in their own way. Some of these skins will be unlockable through advancing your dinosaur, while the others will be unlockable through missions.