Described in 2013, Lythronax is a large theropod dinosaur that is a part of Tyrannosauridae. The dinosaur lived in the late Cretaceous period of what is now Utah. Living alongside dinosaurs like Diabloceratops and Adelolophus, a Ceratopsian and Hadrosaur which were both discovered in this Wahweap Formation with Lythronax.


Coming after the slower Nanuqsaurus at tier 6, Lythronax has a rather good mix of speed and endurance, making it one of the faster high tier dinosaurs in this tech tree branch. However, it still will live up to its name of being a heavy carnivore, Lythronax argestes is a large dinosaur with large damage output.

But with all this power comes some downsides. Lythronax will have its downsides which will make it harder to play compared to some of the other dinosaurs in the line. Although it is a fast dinosaur in Prehistoric Fury it’s stamina recharge is slow, meaning you will have to be careful with how you time your sprints.

Lythronax will play more like a Heavy-Medium Carnivore when it is in its initial genetic configuration, however, this can be tuned through mutations and advancements, specializing it into the playstyle that suits you best.