Since the last development update for Prehistoric Fury, we have been hard at work, and in today’s development update, we have a lot of things to share with you!

Technical developments

Creature adaptations

The ability to adapt your creature to improve its abilities and tailor it to your preferred style of game-play is core to the progression in Prehistoric Fury. Our creature adaptation system has taken several forms throughout development, moving from an initial simplistic single line of adaptations, to what we have now, that gives the players freedom to choose what area to focus on improving when unlocking new adaptations. Each adaptation being split up into a number of mutations.

This is now functioning and starting to undergo internal testing. In the coming updates, we will be showing off this new adaptation tree.


The fundamental part of the game is actually being able to control your creature and play in matches.

In the previous Dev-Blog, we discussed the work that has gone into developing the controller – responsible for simulating the movement of creatures. With Prehistoric Fury, there are far more elements than just movement to consider, such as damage models, attack systems, game objectives, and then the topic of networking.

Along with the adaptation trees, incoming updates we will also be showing demonstrations of our damage model and attack systems in action.


Just a note to announce the development of a new map – indeed our first map – with the working title ‘Oasis‘.

An arid and unforgiving landscape that will host the first great battles between creatures.

Dinosaur News

New Dinosaur: Lythronax argestes

Lythronax is the newest dinosaur to join the roster of dinosaurs so far in Prehistoric Fury. The tier 7 in the North American heavy carnivore line, is one of the last 5 dinosaurs to be announced for the line.

Nevertheless, Lythronax is special in the line, coming after the slower Nanuqsaurus at tier 6, Lythronax has a rather good mix of speed and endurance, making it one of the faster high tier dinosaurs in this tech tree branch. However, it still will live up to its name of being a heavy carnivore, Lythronax argestes is a large dinosaur with large damage output.

But with all this power comes some downsides. Lythronax will have some negative aspects which will make it harder to play compared to some of the other dinosaurs in the line. Although it is a fast dinosaur in Prehistoric Fury it’s stamina recharge is slow, meaning you will have to be careful with how you time your sprints.

In addition to this, the quills running down the neck from the back of the head of Lythronax are cosmetic upgrades. These can be granted by researching a specific string of mutations and advancements on the dinosaur.

The skins for this dinosaur are special. With some of the skins being skins that were inspired by some of the past contest entries in the game. However, one skin stands out in particular, we got special permission off of a fantastic artist known as Cisiopurple, to be able to have his Lythronax pattern on our model!

Skin designed from Cisiopurples Lythronax skin.

We must state however, the skin was not specifically designed for Prehistoric Fury, but instead, we asked if we could include it on our Lythronax.

A full lineup of realistic skins for all our creatures is also planned – giving the options for players to stick with either more accurate skins or have a choice of creative skins.