Suskityrannus hazelae is a small tyrannosauroid theropod dinosaur which lived in North America, in what is now the Zuni basin of New Mexico. The dinosaur lived alongside a similarly-sized Ceratopsian, Zuniceratops. Showing a predator, prey relationship between the two dinosaurs.

The dinosaur is newly described (being described in 2019 by Nesbitt et al), however, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a new discovery. Suskityrannus hazelae was once informally named Zunityrannus and was featured in the BBC’s Planet Dinosaur.


In Prehistoric Fury, Suskityrannus hazelae is the tier four in the North American heavy carnivore line which ultimately leads to the crown jewel of the tech tree Tyrannosaurus rex. The dinosaur represents an intermediate in gameplay in the line, as a relatively light and agile theropod, similar in gameplay to the tier five in the research line, Teratophoneus.

Nevertheless, Suskityrannus is a solid dinosaur in tier four games, using its speed and agility to be able to perform hit and run tactics as well as a good damage per bite, allow you to terrorize slow-moving opponents.