Game Mechanics – Creature Movement

Dinosuar moving over slope in testing grounds

A challenge that we have been working on throughout the development has been how to sufficiently simulate all types of land based dinosaur movement.

Demo showing human character standing on slopes

The majority of games we see today feature humans as players, which in many ways are relatively easy to simulate the movement of – always standing vertically while moving over various terrain and gradients. The topic of how to achieve convincing human movement is also very well covered.

This isn’t quite the case for dinosaurs, whether that be small theropods or large sauropods they move quite differently over terrain to how humans move – even if they have the same number of legs.

For game immersion having the creatures move somewhat realistically is a must and hence it’s a problem we have been working on for some time.

After some time in development we have developed a system capable of efficiently and relatively accurately simulating the dinosaurs movement – while still using the physics engine meaning interactions between creatures and the terrain remains accurate. Here are some sneak peaks of it in action!

As the closed testing phase draws closer and closer we look forward to handing over the controls of these beasts and seeing how they perform!

Skin Contest Results

Deciding the winners of the skin contest was no easy feat, having to pick two winners per dinosaur from all of the incredible entries was tough.

However, we did come to a decision and we have picked the 4 winners of the skin contest. But that doesn’t mean the skins that missed out will not be represented in the game. We will feature some of our favorite skins from the contest on the next dinosaur, the tier 7 in the North American “Heavy Carnivore” research line. We will message the creators of those skins within the upcoming week.

Anyways, the skins were adapted to the dinosaurs by our very own Dino-guy, Bill Nguyen.

Tyrannosaurus rex Skins:

Hell Creek Devil by Gothic-Lycan

Jungle Fury by Voultronix

Gorgosaurus Skins:

Wretched Scavenger by Maffirex

Blue Banded by Gothic-Lycan

Again, we want to thank you all for submitting the skins for the contest!

NEW SKIN: Gobisaurus “Dark Grape Skin”

A new skin has been created for our beloved Gobisaurus. This skin was designed by one of our very own community members, Gothic-Lycan. The skin follows the same colour scheme as Black Grapes, mixing black and purple to give an almost completely melanistic skin.

Black Grape Skin.

NEW DINOSAUR: Suskityrannus hazelae

Today we announce the ferocious Suskityrannus to the evergrowing roster of dinosaurs for Prehistoric Fury.

Suskityrannus hazelae is tier 4 in the Tyrannosaurus research line within the North American progression tree.

This little guy is actually one of the more recently described dinosaurs in the game, along with Mongolostegus, Suskityrannus was described in 2019.

Suskiyrannus is the classed as a “Medium Carnivore” in Prehistoric Fury, meaning that its playstyle will be more catered to hit and run tactics, being faster than “Heavy Carnivores” but also inflicting less damage per bite.

Suskityrannus, however, is unique in-game. It features 3 different cosmetic upgrades to the head of the animal. These upgrades will only occur if you were to research specific mutations for the dinosaur, however.

The 3 different cosmetic upgrades to the dinosaur.


The dinosaur features 6 skins! All of which were designed by Bill Nguyen.

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