Tawa hallae is one of the earliest dinosaurs known, coming from the Late Triassic of Ghost Ranch. The dinosaur lived alongside other early dinosaurs like Coelophysis.

Tawa hallae is the tier one in the North American tech tree. This dinosaur is the start of the tech tree and so you will be able to go onto research other tier two dinosaurs in the North American tech tree like Stokesosaurus or Leptoceratops.

The first fossils of Tawa were discovered in 2004, while it wasnt described until 2009. The dinosaur is only 2.5 meters long (0.5 meters tall) which pales in comparison to Tyrannosaurus rex being 12.3 meters long.

Tawa hallae, face.


In-game Tawa will be a fairly standard tier 2 dinosaur, which will serve as the dinosaur which branches off into Light or Heavy herbivores in the future.
The dinosaur will be able to play a mix of roles, making it a nice transition to tier three dinosaurs which have more specific roles.

Tawa is the first dinosaur in the game to have a fuzzy texture as well as a scaly one, with 3 skins that provide a scaly look to the dinosaur, while the other 3 provide a fuzzy look to the dinosaur.