It’s not usual that we show concepts for the game, however, Jordan has been doing some small concepts regarding the dinosaurs independent research.

The independent research or “advancing” is a mechanic in Prehistoric Fury that you will use in order to progress. Before you progress to the next dinosaur you will advance the current dinosaur through its independent research tree.
Independent dinosaur research is dominated by 2 main mechanics, these mechanics are very similar. They are Advancements and Mutations.

Advancements: An Advancement is the type of “upgrade” you are researching, each of these once researched, purchased, and applied to the dinosaur will increase the dinosaurs stats. There are 6 different advancements: Senses, Teeth/Jaw, Muscular System, Skeletal System, Skin, and Camo (Camo is mainly cosmetic).

Mutations: When selecting an Advancement you will have the option to pick one of 3 options for the advancement, for example we will use senses.
Once you pick the advancement for senses you will have the option to pick one of 3 choices: Senses 1, 2, and 3.
In this example, 1 would upgrade your dinosaur’s vision (allowing to spot enemy dinosaurs from a further distance) and decrease the hearing distance. (Hearing distance is the ability to spot unspotted/hidden dinosaurs that are close to the player), 2 would be a mix of 1 and 3 (just with lower stats), while 3 would upgrade the dinosaur’s hearing while slightly decreasing the vision of the dinosaur.
Independent dinosaur research is a way to progress through the game but also allows you to upgrade and customize your dinosaur to fit a playstyle you want, while still keeping within class boundaries.

A quick example of how the mutations would work in terms of progression.
(Note you can go back and change the mutation, but you will have to research and purchase it).

New Dinosaur: Tawa hallae

We’ve been introducing some big dinosaurs lately. In fact, all of our dinosaurs so far have been large dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period.
Tawa hallae, however, is not a large dinosaur, it is the smallest dinosaur in the current roster for the game. The tier 1 of the North American “Tech Tree”.

This little guy is from the Late Triassic period of the Ghost Ranch formation, New Mexico, US.

The first fossils of Tawa were discovered in 2004, while it wasn’t described until 2009, the dinosaur is only 2.5 meters long (0.5 meters tall) which pales in comparison to Tyrannosaurus rex being 12.3 meters long.

In-game Tawa will be a nice introduction to the tree, with a low damage per bite but high mobility, Tawa is a standard tier 1 dinosaur.

Before we showcase the skins, here is a video Bill has created to show the process that he goes through to create a skin for the dinosaurs in the game, using Tawa as an example.


Tawa will have 6 skins, 3 of which will be of a fuzzy texture while the other 3 are scaled.
Only 3 of the skins will be available through the dinosaurs “Independent research” other skins will be rewarded.

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