Bistahieversor sealeyi is a genus of Tyrannosaurid dinosaur from the late cretaceous of the Kirtland Formation.

The dinosaur was first described in 1990 as a specimen of Aublysodon (another Tyrannosaur). In the year 2000 Bistahieversor was redescribed as a new species of Daspletosaurus. But in 2010 it was redescribed again, but this time Bistahieversor sealeyi was the name for this new genus and species of a more generalized Tyrannosaur.

The dinosaur is around 2.5 meters tall and 8.5 meters long.


Bistahieversor joins Tyrannosaurus and Daspletosaurus in the North American heavy carnivore line. Like others in the line, Bistahieversor will be a heavy brawler, a troublesome opponent at tier 8. The dinosaur has exceptional damage per bite as well as a good amount of health, allowing you to easily take and deal damage. The mobility of this dinosaur is decent, allowing it to perform ‘hit and run’ attacks if necessary.

Bistahieversor, however, does have some weaknesses. Its senses are poor, meaning it won’t be able to spot enemies before it is spotted by them.
The dinosaur also suffers from a relatively long cooldown time in-between attacks, leaving you vulnerable as well as reducing its damage per minute.
Never the less Bistahieversor is a strong opponent when fully advanced.

Bistahieversor also has a cosmetic advancement, once you research an advancement for its skin, the dinosaur’s health will increase as well as small spikes will appear running along the dinosaur’s spine.

Without spikes.
With the spikes.


Bistahieversor features 6 skins, 3 of which are researchable in the dinosaurs advancement tree, the other 3 are rewards for the completion of missions while playing the dinosaur.

Navajo Skin.
Tropical Skin.
Panthera Skin.
Python Skin.
Poison Arrow Skin.
Huntsman Skin.