Development Progress

Having been in development for what has been quite sometime now, prehistoric fury is getting ever closer to a state where we are ready to make it open to you. This is something you have no doubt seen us state before so we are going to be soon providing a revised project delivery road-map which will be updated with each dev blog so you can know when the soonest you can expect to play will be!

The development of a multiplayer game of this scale is a huge undertaking for a team of this magnitude and development has been a rough road at points, with it stagnating at points. To tackle these issues, we are moving to a new development pipeline which will enable us to speed up the development, testing, and deployment cycle.

Dinosaur News

Bistahieversor Skins

Bistahieversor was introduced in the September devblog but during the time since the release of that devblog 4 new skins were made for the dinosaur, bringing the total of skins up to 6.

Like others in the line, Bistahieversor will be a heavy brawler, a troublesome opponent at tier 8. The dinosaur has exceptional damage per bite as well as a good amount of health, allowing you to easily take and deal damage. The mobility of this dinosaur is also exceptional, allowing it to perform ‘hit and run’ attacks if necessary.

Bistahieversor, however, does have some weaknesses. Its senses are poor, meaning it won’t be able to spot enemies before it is spotted.

The model was made by Bill, our dinosaur guy. Skins on the dinosaur were designed by both Bill Nguyen and Jordan Clark.


Bistahieversor is special compared to Gorgosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, as it is the second dinosaur to have a cosmetic advancement.
Joining Gobisaurus which has a club as its cosmetic advancement (upgraded the main attack will grant this).
Bistahieversor gets a subtle cosmetic upgrade which is in the form of small spikes that appear on the dinosaurs back.

Bistahieversor without spikes.
Bistahieversor with spikes.


Navajo skin.
Tropical skin.
Panthera skin.
Python skin.
Huntsman skin.
Poison Arrow skin.


During the month of December, we hosted a small community skin contest. This contest allowed you to create skins for our first tier 10 Herbivore, Mongolostegus!

The skin contest is officially over, and the results are in! Considering this was a small scale skin contest it has been decided after discussion among the team, that all the entries will be added into the game!

Some of the skins will be added into Mongolostegus’ research path while others will be added as rewards for the completion of missions.

We will be hosting more skin contests in the future, you can take part in these contests by joining our discord server.


Mongolostegus Creamy Koi by Voultronix.
Mongolostegus Agama by Gothic-Lycan.
Mongolostegus Steppe by Gothic-Lycan.
Mongolostegus Frost by Mizutayio.

Thank you for the continued support for the project!

Wishing you all a happy holiday’s from the Prehistoric Fury team!

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