Tyrannosaurus rex is arguably one of the most well-known dinosaurs ever. Being one of the most widespread and well-represented of the large theropods. It’s fossils have been found scattered throughout western North America, meaning that Tyrannosaurus rex had the widest range out of any other the tyrannosaurids.

Tyrannosaurus is also one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, competing with the likes of Giganotosaurus, Spinosaurus and more in being the tallest. Tyrannosaurus could grow to 12.3 meters long and almost 4 meters tall (3.66 meters tall at the hips) and weighing in at around 8.4 to 14 metric tons.

Tyrannosaurus rex in Prehistoric Fury is based on the largest Tyrannosaurus specimen, Sue.


In Prehistoric Fury Tyrannosaurus rex will play as a heavy Carnivore, a heavy hitter with a big slab of health and decent mobility. The senses of Tyrannosaurus stand out from the rest of the Tyrannosaurs with it having the best senses in its class allowing you to out spot most enemies (apart from specific classes).

The Dinosaur is researched through Gorgosaurus in the North American tech tree.

The playstyle of Tyrannosaurus rex is to use the high damage per bite and the high health to your advantage. Rushing in and dealing high amounts of damage and getting out of there before the enemy has time to respond. However, the dinosaur does shine in brawling, with the high health and damage stats most opponents would find it difficult to fight against Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannosaurus rex also has exceptional senses, with exceptional eyesight you can out spot all heavy carnivores as well as some other classes.

However, the dinosaur does face some problems. The long bite cool-down prevents you from being able to deal huge amounts of damage in a short burst. As well as the fact that although Tyrannosaurus has high health stats and a huge damage per bite it’s weak to critical damage, meaning there is a higher chance of the dinosaur’s bones to break, which leads to poor performance.


Tyrannosaurus has 4 skins, one of which has two stripe colour options.

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