Dinosaur News

Video of the devblog.

New Skin:

Gorgosaurus recently got some love with a new flashy skin. This skin shows off a more unrealistic side to the skins and as we are planning to cater both realistic and unrealistic this will fit well in the game, however there will be an option to disable unrealistic skins in the game.

The Skin will be a reward skin for completing a ‘mission’ while playing as Gorgosaurus.

Gorgosaurus Beserker Skin.

NEW DINOSAUR: Tyrannosaurus rex

We have been waiting for most of this month to show our Tyrant king off, and today is the long-awaited reveal of Prehistoric Fury’s Tyrannosaurus rex. The most famous dinosaur in the game so far and the fourth official dinosaur for Prehistoric Fury.

Tyrannosaurus is the planned tier 10 in the Tyrannosaur line, more specifically the Heavy Carnivore line rather than the Medium Carnivore line which will be made up of Tyrannosaurs as well.
Before the official release of Prehistoric Fury Tyrannosaurus will be researched through Gorgosaurus however that will change after the release as Gorgosaurus will be a part of the Medium Carnivore line in the North American tech tree. as it is more fitting to its playstyle.

In Prehistoric Fury Tyrannosaurus rex will play as a heavy Carnivore, a heavy hitter with a big slab of health and decent mobility. The senses of Tyrannosaurus stand out from the rest of the Tyrannosaurs with it having the best senses in its class allowing you to outspot most enemies (apart from most medium carnivores and light herbivores and carnivores).

The dinosaur was modelled by Bill Nguyen and some of the skins were designed by Jordan Clark.

Tyrannosaurus has 4 amazing skins, one of the skins will have an additional option: Null, Clavo, Tyrant (red) Tyrant (Neon) and Frostbite:

Null skin.
Clavo skin.
Tyrant (red) skin.
Tyrant (neon) skin.
Frostbite skin.

Tyrannosaurus will be shown off more in its own devblog soon.

NEW DINOSAUR: Bistahieversor

Bistahieversor will join the other 4 Dinosaurs in being the 5th creature in the game, as well as being the first tier 8 dinosaur!

The dinosaur was first described in 1990 as a specimen of Aublysodon (another Tyrannosaur). In the year 2000 Bistahieversor was redescribed as a new species of Daspletosaurus. But in 2010 it was redescribed again, but this time Bistahieversor sealeyi was the name for this new genus and species of a more generalised Tyrannosaur.

Bistahieversor joins Tyrannosaurus and Daspletosaurus in the North American heavy carnivore line, with Tyrannosaurus rex at tier 10. Like others in the line Bistahieversor will be a heavy brawler, a troublesome opponent at tier 8. The dinosaur has exceptional damage per bite as well as a good amount of health, allowing you to easily take and deal damage. The mobility of this dinosaur is also exceptional, allowing it to perform ‘hit and run’ attacks if necessary.

Bistahieversor, however, does have some weaknesses. It’s senses are poor, meaning it wont be able to spot enemies before it is spotted.

The model was made by Bill, our dinosaur guy. with the current skins designed by him and future skins designed by Jordan Clark on the way.

Navajo skin.
Tropical skin.

That’s all for this months dev blog, if you have any questions regarding the dev blog feel free to join the discord server and ask us questions there.