Gobisaurus domoculus is an Ankylosaurid from the Late Cretaceous of the Gobi Desert of Inner Mongolia (China). The dinosaur was described in 2001, 40 years after it was first discovered during Sino-Soviet expeditions in 1959-1960.

Gobisaurus is a large Ankylosaurid, being estimated at around 6-7 meters long and 1.5-2 meters tall.


In-game Gobisaurus is a Heavy Herbivore, a class that prides itself off of high damage output and high health stats. However, Gobisaurus is a slightly different approach to this class, staying true to the high damage output but having lower health stats compared to other dinosaurs in this class (apart from Nodosaurids and other Ankylosaurs). This is because Gobisaurus has “armor”, this “armor” acts as a debuff to enemy attacks, weakening them or potentially hurting the enemy as well.

This fits the role of this dinosaur as being an Offensive and defensive class dinosaur, you can brawl with your opponents and take punishment from them. While easily being able to deal more damage to them.

However, being a heavy herbivore has its downsides. These are the fact that Gobisaurus has a rather sluggish top speed of 9 km/h, Along 15 second cooldown time on its attacks (when fully advanced) and okay senses, which means your opponents will likely see you first before you see them.

Gobisaurus is currently planned for the mixed Stegosaur-Ankylosaur line which includes the Stegosaur Mongolostegus at tier 10 and Talarurus at tier 8. This line will be split into two lines before the official release with Saichania at tier 10 for the Ankylosaur line and Wuerhosaurus at tier 9 for the Stegosaur line.

When upgrading the attack for Gobisaurus domoculus, it also changes its physical appearance, fully advancing the attacks on this dinosaur grant it a tail club rather than a whip tail, which it has when it’s first unlocked.


Gobisaurus has 4 skins and 1 of those skins has 2 different options. These are unique to the dinosaur and more will be added in the future.