Welcome to the second development blog for Prehistoric fury.

It’s been almost a month since the last dev blog and within that time we have made some good progress with the games development.
This dev blog will cover the additions that were missed out of the first devblog and work that occurred between.

Dev blog in Video Form by Hotshotraptor:

Development blog in Video Form by Hotshotraptor.

Technical News

On the technical side of development, while I can’t talk about all the changes we have made and parts implemented(Lots of server side stuff), it can be said that progress is going well and we are getting closer and closer to the first game-play tests.

Creature movement

After many months of development, our dinosaur controller is looking better than ever.

The ‘dinosaur controller’ is essentially the code combined with the physics engine, which is responsible for the dinosaurs movement and therefore is a key element to the game play. There has to be a careful balance between realism and choices made for game-play reasons when it comes to creature movement.

As it gets closer to being ready we can’t wait to show it off, which all going well we should be doing so in the coming months.

Dinosaur News

Gorgosaurus Skins:

In the first devblog we revealed our first dinosaur, Gorgosaurus libratus. However, we didn’t reveal all of its skin’s. They were announced in the first dinopedia entry for the game however, they will be shown here as well.

Robin Skin.
Magma Skin.

Learn more about Gorgosaurus here.

New Dinosaurs:

Between the first dev blog and now, Bill has been hard at work creating 2 new dinosaurs for the game. These are Mongolostegus expectabilis and Gobisaurus domoculus.

Mongolostegus expectabilis:

While being revealed in a dinopedia entry Mongolostegus is the first herbivore of Prehistoric Fury, and the most unknown dinosaur to be in the game so far. This is mainly because Mongolostegus was described formally this year, this means that Prehistoric Fury may be one of the only dinosaur games to boast this magnificent beast.

The dinosaur is the planned tier 10 in the Asian tech tree’s mixed Stegosaur-Ankylosaur line, however in later releases this will be split into 2 lines, one for Ankylosaurs and one for Stegosaurs.

In Prehistoric fury Mongolostegus represents a class of Heavy Herbivores that will deal large amounts of damage to opponents in a single attack, this makes the dinosaur a formidable enemy to fight against, and a strong ally to fight with. With a high damage output, high health and good senses, the dinosaur will play ideally as a support and defensive dinosaur, but can easily take the role of an aggressive playstyle, however, you must be wary of its slow top speed.

The Dinosaur was modelled and textured by Bill Nguyen, and the texture/skin designs were planned by Jordan Clark.

Mongolostegus and its different skins:

Forest Skin.
Nomad Skin.
Gobi Skin.

Learn more about Mongolostegus here.

Gobisaurus domoculus

Gobisaurus domoculus is the third dinosaur to be officially announced for Prehistoric fury and is the first Ankylosaur to be in the game. This Asian Ankylosaur was discovered in the Gobi desert of inner Mongolia around 1959-60 by Sino-Soviet expeditions. The dinosaur was formally described 40 years later in 2001 by Matthew Vickaryous, Anthony Russell, Philip Currie and Zhao Xijin.

Gobisaurus is the planned tier 9 for the mixed Stegosaur-Ankylosaur branch in the Asian tech tree, which means you will have to play through this Ankylosaur to get to Mongolostegus, the dinosaur at the top of this line.

In later releases Gobisaurus is planned to be in a separate Ankylosaur branch in the Asian tech tree. This will occur when the Stegosaur-Ankylosaur branch is split into 2, creating an independent Stegosaur and Ankylosaur branch.

In Prehistoric Fury Gobisaurus plays like an aggressive armored tank, with the “armor” on its back allowing for attacks from enemies to be either weakened or stopped, allowing for you to lose less health to enemy attacks, which means Gobisaurus will be able to take punishment from its opponents. The dinosaur will also have a high damage attack allowing you to deal with any dinosaurs that may threaten you.

The dinosaur was modeled and textured by Bill Nguyen and some of the skins were designed by Jordan Clark.

Levia Draconia also created a skin for the Gobisaurus, the tropical skin!

Gobisaurus skins:

Mud Skin.
Arbor Skin. (Note: you can change the pink stripe to yellow.)
Vulcan Skin.
Tropical Skin by Levia Draconia

Gobisaurus will be shown off in its own dinopedia entry within the next week.

That’s all for this months dev blog, if you have any questions regarding the dev blog feel free to join the discord server and ask us questions there.

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