Mongolostegus exspectabilis is a newly discovered stegosaurid dinosaur from the Aptian-Albian of cretaceous Mongolia. Being formally named in 2019 by Tumanova and Alifanov. The dinosaur is the first stegosaur from Mongolia and the first to be in Prehistoric Fury.

The dinosaur is known from rather fragmentary remains, which makes it hard to estimate its height, however, some estimates show the dinosaur as being upwards of 8 meters long and around 3 meters tall.

Mongolostegus size chart.


In-game Mongolostegus is apart of the class called Heavy Herbivores. These are characterized for dinosaurs with high damage outputs and high health stats, this allows them to deal and take hits.

Their damage output is usually slightly higher than Heavy Carnivores but slightly lower than Super-Heavy Herbivores, making it the second-best class in the game for damage output.

As Mongolostegus is a herbivore its senses are rather good, allowing it to easily spot enemies before they spot you. However, the dinosaur has very poor camo rating which means the dinosaur will be spotted very easily.

Mongolostegus has one main downside, however, the dinosaur sacrifices speed for damage and they also have relatively long cooldown times after attacking an enemy, leaving the dinosaur vulnerable to attack.

Mongolostegus sits at tier 10, in a planned mixed Stegosaur-Ankylosaur line. Coming after the Ankylosaur Gobisaurus in the Asian tech tree.

In-game stats and cost

Note: All stats are subject to change, as these stats are in early development.

Purchasing cost and information:
Research Cost: 100,000 DNA
Purchase Cost: 4,050,000 Amber
Class: Heavy Herbivore
Tech Tree: Asia
Tier: 10

Base stats (without advancements)
Health: 1100
Stamina: 18 seconds
Max running speed: 10 km/h
Hear distance: 100 meters
Sight distance: 850 meters
Average damage per bite: 2250
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Average damage per minute: 13500
Bleedchance: 18/100


The dinosaur has 3 researchable skins and one bonus skin. These skins are unique to the dinosaur, however, there may be more in the future.
The 3 skins are Forest, Nomad, Gobi.

Forest skin.
Nomad skin.
Gobi skin.
Creamy Koi Skin.
Agama Skin.
Steppe Skin.
Frost Skin.

Mongolostegus will be introduced into Prehistoric fury as a part of the demo, which will feature 4 other dinosaurs: Mongolostegus, Gorgosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and Gobisaurus.