Gorgosaurus Libratus

As showcased in last week’s dev blog Gorgosaurus is the first dinosaur to be officially revealed for Prehistoric Fury. Today it marks the first dinosaur to have an entry in the games Dinopedia!

Gorgosaurus is a relatively large Tyrannosaurid with sizes reaching similar to that of Albertosaurus and Daspletosaurus, at around 8-9 meters long and roughly 3 meters tall.
The dinosaur is from the Canadian province of Alberta, in what is now the Dinosaur Park Formation between 76.6 to 75.1 million years ago
Gorgosaurus libratus is currently the best represented Tyrannosaurid in the fossil record, being represented by a huge amount of different specimens, more than the widely popular Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gorgosaurus size graph.


In-game Gorgosaurus represents the Medium Carnivore class, this class is represented by having a high running speed (only slower than Light Carnivores and Light Herbivores) and a decent damage output per attack (being outshone by Heavier Classes). This allows you to play an aggressive hit and run tactic, quickly being able to attack an enemy dinosaur while your allies distract it, dealing a decent amount of damage and quickly being able to escape before the enemy turns on you.
The dinosaur also has a nice chunk of health which allows you to take some punishment from your enemies if you make any poor decisions or are forced to brawl with your opponents.
The only issue dinosaurs in the same class as Gorgosaurus libratus face is that they have subpar senses, meaning you won’t be able to spot your enemies before they spot you with ease unless you are hidden from their view. In addition to this, the camo rating/concealment rate for medium carnivores is around about average, which should allow you to conceal yourself if the vegetation is big enough.
Gorgosaurus will be one of the 4 dinosaurs which will be featured in the Prehistoric fury demo, allowing you to have a glimpse of what the class will be about.
Currently, Gorgosaurus sits at tier 9, before Tyrannosaurus at tier 10. This means you will have to play through Gorgosaurus in order to research and purchase Tyrannosaurus. In the future, however, Gorgosaurus is planned to be in its own mini branch with other Tyrannosaurs that fit a more medium carnivore playstyle.

In-Game Stats and Cost

Note: All stats are subject to change, as these stats are in early development.

Firstly, the Purchasing cost and information:
Research Cost: 155,000 DNA
Purchase Cost: 3,750,000 Amber
Class: Medium Carnivore
Tech Tree: North America
Tier: 9

Base stats (without any advancements)
Health: 8500
Stamina: 25 Seconds
Max running speed: 33km/h
Hear Distance: 70 meters
Sight distance: 700 meters
Average Damage per bite: 600
Cooldown: 6 Seconds
Average Damage Per minute: 6,000
Bleedchance: 20/100

Advanced Stats:
Health: 8500
Stamina: 25 Seconds
Running Speed: 33km/h
Hear Distance: 90 meters
Sight distance: 766 meters
Average Damage per bite: 698
Cooldown: 4.8 Seconds
Average Damage per minute: 8,725
Bleedchance: 18/100


The Dinosaur has 3 researchable skins that you can research and purchase for the dinosaur. These are unique skins to the dinosaur, however, more will be available in the future which will be unlocked by different methods.
The first skin, the “Dirt” skin is the standard skin design that comes with the dinosaur, the other 2 you can research. These are “Magma” and “Robin”.
The skins were designed by Jordan Clark and put onto the Gorgosaurus by Bill Nguyen, who also modeled the dinosaur.

The 3 skins designed by Jordan Clark. (Top: Dirt. Middle: Magma. Bottom: Robin.)

Below are the skins on the model in order, These were done by our modeler Bill Nguyen.