Welcome, To the first Devblog for Prehistoric Fury. This dev blog will be showcasing a new addition to the game.

Firstly, let us go over again what the game is about. Prehistoric Fury is an upcoming MMO Battle Arena where you’ll fight for dominance on a plethora of maps with prehistoric beasts from the Palaeozoic Era to the Cenozoic Era!
You will be able to progress from small weak dinosaurs at tier 1 to large, strong, fighting machines at tier 10. This progression is done by earning Amber (money) and DNA (research points) from battles. (To read more about the currency click here)
In addition to this, the game will receive free content updates, and overall the game will be free! (To learn more about the game click on this post here.)

Now that you are caught up with what the game is about, let’s get right into the news!

New Dinosaur: Gorgosaurus libratus

Today we officially announce the first dinosaur to be featured in Prehistoric Fury, and that is Gorgosaurus libratus! Gorgosaurus comes before Tyrannosaurus in the tech tree, meaning you will have to play through Gorgosaurus in order to research and purchase its much more famous family member.

In the later releases, Gorgosaurus is planned to be in a Medium Carnivore branch with other dinosaurs which will fit its playstyle.
Gorgosaurus is one of the 4 dinosaurs which will be playable in the demo along with Tyrannosaurus rex and 2 unnamed herbivorous dinosaurs, which will later be announced.
Gorgosaurus is a member of Tyrannosauridae, and lived in the Dinosaur Park Formation in Canada, alongside the heavily built Daspletosaurus, another Tyrannosaurid.
Gorgosaurus in Prehistoric Fury will play a role of being aggressive, hit and run game style. With a high running speed for its tier and a very good damage per bite.
The dinosaur was modeled and textured by our new team member Bill Nguyen, the texture of the dinosaur was designed by Jordan Clark, who will be planning further skins for the new Dinosaurs, which will be implemented within the upcoming month.

Gorgosaurus Dirt skin design by Jordan Clark (HotshotRaptor).

Gorgosaurus will be shown off more in its own creature profile within the next week, making it the first dinosaur to have its own entry in the Prehistoric Fury Dinopedia.

Gorgosaurus sets a high bar for our other upcoming dinosaurs, with it being the first official dinosaur of Prehistoric Fury. We plan on making the dinosaurs texture customizable with multiple different skin choices planned for the dinosaur.

The image below is a small stats card for the dinosaur.

Gorgosaurus libratus stats card, with its current ingame stats.

This marks the end of todays Devblog, if you have any questions regarding the news today feel free to join the discord server and ask us questions there.

-Prehistoric Fury Team