The matches you play are not only a chance to show off your skills in hunting but also your main form of income.

At the end of each match you play in you will be awarded with various resources depending on your performance during the match. These resources can be used to further your progression through the research trees, modify your creatures and more.


Amber is the main game currency, used to buy creatures, upgrades and consumables. The primary source of this is from playing in matches.

Blue Amber

Blue Amber is far more valuable than standard amber and can be used to buy some select creatures, convert creature specific genes into general DNA and more.

Blue Amber is only awarded in very small amounts for playing in matches, with bonuses only given for exceptional gameplay and performance during a match. The easiest way to aquire Blue Amber will be through the shop.


DNA can be used to unlock any creature or creature body part. Typically it is earnt in small amounts with each match played and over time will accumulate. Blue Amber can also be exchanged to convert RNA(Creature locked DNA) to DNA.


RNA are specific to each creature and earnt in every match played. They can be used to unlock parts for creatures as well as unlock other creatures.


Amber as the currency:

Amber in Prehistoric Fury will be the main in-game currency, both in its common and rare form. The reason why Amber is the main currency is simply that we wanted to do something a bit different compared to just using “money/credits”. Amber is also a common source to find prehistoric creatures preserved inside of it, which made it an excellent choice for the games unique currency. Blue Amber is very similar to Amber, except it is rarer. This fits the rarety of the currency it will represent in game.

In Development.

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